The One amazing feature we don’t use in smartphone photography

September 3, 2019

I consider myself a guru when it comes to smartphone photography. Manipulating phone settings is an expertise I have come to gain with time, but don’t we all believe the same? We can quickly tap on a person’s face or any inanimate object to focus and tap tap! We have those beautifully composed and well timed shots we just needed! Before long, we have already jumped into our best editing apps, making our best shots pop and stand out. This is the routine followed by the vast majority who do point and shoot photography using smartphone cameras. Yes, it works, in almost everything but some special categories like landscape photography.

To get those amazing landscape images I travel often. Traveling gives us a chance to see more beauty of our well-made earth. At least every month, I try to visit a new place just to sock in the beauty. It is never the same on every trip, however, one thing is always consistent, beautiful scenery and wide views to take images will always be present. From the snow cape mountains to the open green and yellow fields, the valleys, the hills, the lakes with blue and green waters, and to the beautiful sunsets. These sceneries will always give the photographer a wide field of view. Sadly we never get to capture the full view in one image. In most cases, it is due to the hardware capabilities of our phones. Let’s not forget that the world, when it comes to technology, is never the same a second ago! With this in mind, some of the latest smartphones already come packed with cameras that can take wide-angle shots.

Wide angles

For the lovers of new tech, you will enjoy the wide-angle cameras in these new phones, Samsung Galaxy S10, One Plus Pro 7, Huawei P30 Pro. Give them a look and upgrade your hardware.

If you bought your phone recently or have one that holds sentimental value, fear not, we can still use the software on our phones to get breathtaking wide-view images. Both Android and iOS-based phones have a feature referred to as Panorama. It is a feature that takes multiple images at the same time and stitches them together to end up with a single wide image. It is never the default selected option hence the fact that very few people use it. In ios, it is mostly referred to as Pano whereas in android it is Panorama.


Several advantages come to mind when taking panoramic images:

  • Extra room for composition
  • Large prints
  • You can extract multiple images from a single image

One more thing

It would be good to point out that the best panoramic images come from landscapes, architecture and cityscapes. You can go ahead and use the feature on your phone and get the world to see the images. Feel free to tag me on the images you take on instagram and I will mention them in my stories